Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Uses for leftover egg yolks/egg whites

When I try new recipes, I tend not to try recipes that call for an uneven number of egg yolks and egg whites. Those leftover egg parts either go straight down the drain or sit in my refrigerator for ages. No more wasting half eggs! No more passing over recipes because they call for four yolks and eight whites! I leave this here for my foodie friends who may find themselves in the same situation. Enjoy!

Other uses for yolk

- pot de creme
- creme broulee
- tapioca pudding
- lecheplan (or flan or other custard)
- Japanese egg yolk sauce (teppanyaki sauce?)
- aoili
- mayonnaise
- hollandaise sauce
- ice cream base
- bechemel sauce
- egg wash for bread

Other uses for egg whites

- souffle (savory or sweet)
- chiffon or angel cake
- classic cocktail
- meatball binder
- meringue cookies
- chocolate mousse (uses 8 whites and 4 yolks)
- egg drop soup
- glue for lumpia wrappers

Let me know if I should add something to the list.

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